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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Program of choice is pspX2
My choice of scrap was by PIMPMYTAGS "COOLTREATS" can be Found HERE
I am using the fabulous artwork of Elias Chatzoudis, you can purchase HERE
Font of choice is 1 MrKleen DNA PTU
Mask of choice is Wsl mask 84 can be found HERE

Let's start!

Open a new white or transparent canvas 600x600 (can be resized later)

paste Paper of choice, load wsl mask 84 from disk, then merge group.

Open your doodle of choice from the scrap,resize and copy and paste to the top left of background.

Add drop shaddow of choice

Open your pinkart resize and copy and paste as new section on center of background.

Add drop shaddow of choice.

Open Your tube and place it to the right of the cart.

Add your drop shaddow of choice.

I then opened the ice cream tube resized copy and paste to the side of the cart

Add drop shaddow of choice.

Open the cherry tube rezize and place it on the ice cream cone.

Add your drop shaddow of choice.

Open your ping border,resize copy and paste on top of your cart.

Add anymore elements of choice.Add your drop shaddow of choice.

How easy was that! :)


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